Fix Your Computer Quickly for Less

Is it about that time where you start noticing the little defects in your computer? The problems that are becoming more serious and frequent? It can be really frustrating to deal with as it stops you from doing critical tasks. It can even put all of your data at risk. To prevent any more damage from occurring, it might be time to schedule your computer for a quick service check or repair. Here’s how you can fix your computer quickly, for less.

When you decide to book your computer for servicing, there’s ways you can assist your technician get to the root of the problem. It only requires a few basic notes. Most people are guilty of dropping off their computers with at best a quick and vague description of the problem they’re having.

Technicians use a variety of tools and years of experience that allows them to bring broken computers back to life. However, without a clear description of the problem, troubleshooting will take them more time and can be more expensive for you. Without a comprehensive description of the symptoms, even the greatest doctors in the world wouldn’t be able to diagnose the issue.

So, with just a few simple steps, you can save time and money while guaranteeing your computer will return with all issues gone.

Take a note on every issue as they occur

You may notice that some of your computer problems only pop up once in a while. Your device may freeze suddenly or shut down without warning. These problems over time can be aggravating and seemingly hard to resolve, but they aren’t always random.

When these issues happen, it can be essential for later on that you write down what you were doing and what programs were running at the time. All of this information regarding the most recent thing you clicked on or changes to your computer settings might show surprising connections to its behavior.

These notes detailing what surrounds the issue you are facing, help technicians reproduce the problem and conduct the crash or error themselves. This may lead to speedier repairs, long-lasting solutions and less time spent in the dark identifying problems. Simple notes on a piece of paper of a smartphone app can help save you a surprising amount of money.

Find out why our computers break

Keep an eye on both the computer and the environment.

Despite what you may think, it’s not only the computer we need to keep track of. External variables may have a big impact on how our machines work. Hot and humid days have been known to disrupt cooling devices that are already hot.

Even small seeming things like changing the time of day can cause a variety of computer problems. Users have reported issues connecting to the internet around midday every day on many occasions. These seemingly strange coincidences are what technicians probe further.

Wi-Fi, which uses radio waves to deliver and receive data, communicates with other devices at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Coincidentally, the same frequency is what microwaves use to heat food and beverages.

It’s not far-fetched that microwaves create Wi-Fi difficulties especially when poorly positioned. They can impair communications every time they are utilized or malfunctions. Problems that appear to come and go at random might be difficult to detect because they have such a bizarre relationship to the computer’s surroundings.

Bring the right hardware at the right time

Bringing your computer in for repair, no matter the problem is very easy to do. Us technicians don’t need the peripherals like a mouse, screen or keyboard unless they’re the source of the problem. Bringing a laptop is as easy as bringing it in to us with the charger.

If you have worries about transporting your computer safely, give us a call ahead so we can advise you on what to bring and how to pack it.

When it comes to determining when to come in, always the sooner the better. Computer problems frequently worsen with time. Vents collect more and more dust, and fans slow down. Heat concerns, in particular, substantially reduce a machine’s longevity over time.

Your programs and critical data are at risk when a computer becomes less and less dependable over time. Updates installed on top of an unstable foundation might result in a variety of software issues. Before data is lost, there is typically no warning.

Can you afford to put it off?

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