Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid Damage Repair Service

Have you spilled water or coffee on your laptop?
Maybe your wine glass toppled all over the keyboard?
No matter the liquid, we can help!

Here are a few immediate steps you should take to avoid further damage:
  • Turn off the computer immediately
  • Do not turn the computer on
  • Do not plug it into the charger; if it's already plugged in, unplug immediately
  • If possible, remove the battery
  • Turn it upside down and let it drain
  • Bring it in to Stan’s Tech Garage

Even if you're super careful about where you place your drinks, accidents happen. Luckily, they don't always mean you need to buy a new computer.

Contact us now and let us take a look. We’ll evaluate the damage and recommend the next steps needed to save the computer and recover your data.

Liquid Spill

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Liquid Spill Review
Liquid Spill Review

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