About Us

  • Are you having computer problems?
  • Looking to back up your data?
  • Want to customize your Mac or PC?
  • Searching for an IT team you can trust?
  • Need an IT service with no hidden costs?
  • Need IT services but just not sure exactly what you need?

At Stan’s Tech Garage our experts are passionate about making technology easy to understand. Better still, our in-store evaluations are always free.

If you’ve got computer problems, we’ve got solutions.

We look forward to setting a new standard of service excellence for computer service and repair in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


Armed with a lifetime of enthusiasm for emerging technologies, Stan’s Tech Garage not only brings you an unparalleled level of expertise but also serves you with patience and excitement.

Our team at Stan’s Tech Garage is truly passionate about making technology work for your home, your business, and your life. We are a group of highly skilled ‘modern day mechanics’ with unparalleled expertise who simply love fixing computers and helping people get the most out of their technology. Technology is fun for us, and we want to make it fun for you too!

So if you’re tired of taking your problems to techie know-it-alls who overload you with techno-speak, hourly bills, bad customer service, or poor work, stop by our repair shop in West Hollywood to experience true tech service excellence. We are ready to serve you with the patience and excitement you deserve.


Stan’s Tech Garage was founded by a guy name Stan (imagine that!) who decided to leave a successful career in the corporate technology world, and set up a shop in Los Angeles that would take the time to put customers first. A former Forbes 500 IT employee, he is genuinely dedicated to making technology work for every customer. With Stan’s Tech Garage, he’s built a comfortable, upbeat atmosphere where his dedicated team of technicians can take the time to listen and provide great service at all levels. Dogs are always welcome, as are walk-ins! In-store evaluations are always free.