Data Recovery

Did you lose your data?

Is your hard drive not responding?

You’ve been meaning to back up your data all along, right? You may have bought an external hard drive or signed up for a free trial of some cloud backup service. But alas, you never quite went through with it, and your once seemingly invincible hard drive (along with all your precious data) is not showing up.
Step back and take a deep breath, because we’re going to make everything OK.

We can handle most data recoveries here in shop starting with a flat upfront fee. Now in some cases, the drive is failing physically and requires it to be recovered by replacing internal components. We offer this type of recovery as well (called a Clean Room Data Recovery) for considerably less than what the large national data recovery companies charge.

Additionally, our data recovery service is low risk. If your data cannot be recovered, you’ll only be charged a small deposit fee that can be used towards other services (such as creating a backup for your computer or replacing your hard drive).

Most data recoveries can be completed within 1-2 days, although Clean Room recoveries typically take 7-10 days.

Let's recover your data!
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