Why We Should Build Your Next CAD Computer

Why We Should Build Your Next CAD Computer

Manual drafting is old school. Engineers, architects, and construction managers have all moved to Computer-Aided Design (CAD). CAD can provide 2D and 3D visuals of designs and streamline plan development and modification. Although, not every CAD computer is the same, and there’s many benefits to building a custom computer that suits your specialized needs.

Using CAD technology has many advantages, including:
– Saving time
– Increasing productivity
– Improving accuracy
– Helping stakeholders understand
– Supporting collaboration

Still, choosing the right computer for CAD can be challenging. For one thing, computers are always evolving, plus, the program requires a desktop with real power. When you’re working with large design files, it can put your computer to the test. Building your own CAD computer workstation just makes sense.

Why Customize Your CAD Computer

Of course, there are many places you can go to buy your next computer. You can go online or walk into a big-box store and buy a generic desktop for your design work. Although, you’ll soon find that most standard builds are not optimized for CAD functionality. You don’t want to risk having a sub-par computer when it comes to a core piece of your day-to-day work.

Finding the right computer to run CAD requires knowledge of how the software uses its hardware. Some might recommend that you buy the fastest central processing unit (CPU); however, you have to understand how you get that speed. Most computers these days have multiple CPU cores. This means they can spread the workload across many processing units. This gets the task done faster (think of it as having team of eight complete a task instead of one speedy person).

The thing is, many CAD apps and functions will only work on a single processing core. So, you could have multiple cores, but the software will use only one of them. When customizing your CAD computer, you need to look for a fast, single core speed. Although at the same time, if you can have a high CPU speed and many cores, you’ll be even better off. Multiple cores can speed up rendering, simulation, or other processing tasks so you don’t have to sit and attend.

The Right CAD Computer for Your Needs

In having us building your CAD computer, you can also select the best graphics card for your needs. The video card handles the display of 2D and 3D models on the screen. Although if you’re primarily working with 2D models, you may not need to boost your graphics processing unit. You could then put your budget towards the solid-state drive (SSD) or random-access memory (RAM).

Many CAD machines have specific video cards installed in them, such as NVidia’s Quadro series. Still, gaming GeForce GTX or RTX cards are faster than almost all Quadro offerings. However, the Quadro series still offers some benefits depending on the work you do.

Building a computer for CAD can also help with software developer support. Some CAD developers support only professional-level CPUs (such as Xeon), which means you’d be on your own with a mainstream desktop CPU. Although, keep in mind that Xeons cost more and run slower.

All these decisions require you to balance your needs with what the computer can do. You know how to tweak a balustrade or soffit, and we know how to customize the best CAD computer build for you.

Work with us to get the most bang for your buck and make the most of your next computer.

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