Time to Replace Your Laptop Battery?

Time to Replace Your Laptop Battery?

Your laptop computer may feel like a lifeline. It has everything important on it – both personal and professional. Unfortunately, the time does come when you need to replace it. Although, the good news is that some computer problems can be solved by simply replacing the laptop battery.

Most computers come with their own version of a check engine light. For example, you may see a red X on the icon that shows you the power level for your battery. Computer models with Windows 7 and up get a message saying, “consider replacing your battery.” But this useful message isn’t perfect, in which case you’ll want to be on the lookout for these signs that a battery replacement is needed.

1. You Have to Charge the Computer Often

When you buy a battery-powered device, the marketing boasts of the many hours it can hold its charge. Expect a fully charged laptop battery to last about 75% of the advertised time (depending on programs used). But as the laptop battery ages, you’ll notice it doesn’t hold its charge for as long.

Tech tip to preserve your battery life: Don’t let your computer get below 20% charge before plugging it back in. Batteries don’t like being charged all the way up and then drained all the way down. 

2. Your Lap Is Heating Up

If you’re sitting on the couch, working away on your tasks, and your laptop becomes an unexpected warming blanket – you may need a battery replacement. Your battery is having to work harder to power applications. This causes your computer to overheat, which can strain your computer.

3. Your Laptop Keeps Shutting Down

This one is going to get you worried really quickly. You’ll start seeing dollar signs at the thought of purchasing a new computer. Although, this may just be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. A bad battery doesn’t hold charge for very long, and your computer can unexpectedly power off.

4. Time Is Not on Your Side

You know your laptop is more than five years old; don’t be surprised if you experience power issues. Did you know that laptop batteries are only meant to last 400 charges? That’s about one or two years! So, your laptop battery might have already been living on borrowed time.

Be Nice to Your Laptop Battery

Before you buy a new computer, think about if it could be the battery instead. Laptop batteries are not manufactured for eternal recharging. You might think you’re doing the right thing by keeping it plugged into a wall charger all of the time, but you’re actually doing your battery a favor by unplugging it every once in a while.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, bring your laptop in and let our technicians confirm that a battery replacement is needed.

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