Did You Know We Offer Onsite Computer Repair?

3 Reasons for Onsite Computer Repair

No one wants to experience computer problems. Whether it’s used for personal or business use, your computer is likely indispensable. Essential customer files are on there, as well as all your downloaded music, family photos, vendor contracts, and employee payroll information! The hassle of going to get your computer fixed just adds fuel to the fire. That’s why we offer onsite computer repair services.

How Do You Know When You Need Computer Repair?

Here are common problems you might encounter at home or work that could indicate your computer is in need of repair:

  • Having trouble installing new applications
  • Your laptop has suddenly become a heated blanket
  • The computer is running so slow a turtle would beat it in a foot race
  • Your applications are acting possessed and are unpredictable
  • The keyboard, mouse, or printer are not working properly
  • Your computer keeps restarting on you
  • Downloads are taking forever
  • You can’t open that attachment from your boss
  • The computer freezes or shuts off suddenly
  • Your computer screen has initiated Smurf-mode – aka you’re experiencing the “Blue Screen of Death”
  • The graphics on the computer screen look wonky
  • Your computer sounds like a jet-engine

These problems could indicate failing hardware, damaged software, drive problems, and more. Troubleshooting these problems to diagnose what is really going on can be challenging. It depends on how much you know about computers to begin with. Since you rely on your computer for so much, it’s a good idea to consult with computer repair experts.

Why Onsite Computer Repair


The number one benefit to onsite computer repair is the convenience. You avoid the commute across town (and the accompanying LA traffic), headache of parking, and annoyance of waiting in line. Whether a business office or home, our expert technicians can come to you.

Additionally, if you have a tower computer rather than a laptop, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of unplugging everything just to have to set it up all over again post repair. During an onsite repair, your computer stays right where you typically use it. When we’re done, you can just push the power button and get going as if nothing happened.

Now if we’re talking pros vs. cons, convenience is mostly definitely a pro. At Stan’s Tech Garage, we believe in being completely straightforward and upfront with our pricing. The bottom line is, convenience comes at a price. Due to travel and the premium nature of the service, onsite computer repairs will cost more than a repair in-shop.

Cut Downtime

When our computer repair service comes to your door, you can reduce downtime. Whether the computer is essential for remote learning or business services, you probably can’t imagine being without it for a few days. It’s like losing a limb! Onsite computer repair aims to fix the problem in just a few hours, without taking the computer away.

While we can handle most repairs onsite, there are some cases where it’s more cost-effective to work on the computer in our shop. In those situations, we can offer same-day service subject to a similar premium fee.

If you’re ever facing an error message you don’t understand or your computer has ground to a halt, contact us for an onsite computer repair quote. Our expert technicians will be happy to schedule a time to come to you!

Located in West Hollywood, Stan’s Tech Garage proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area. Call us at 323-761-2634 or schedule an appointment through our online calendar: https://calendly.com/stansgarage/

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