Why Updating Is More Important Than Ever

Why updating your devices is becoming more important than ever

Almost every day, reports about hacker and virus attacks appear in the news. Many of these stories contain advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. The most common theme among all of the advice is to make sure your Windows operating system up to date. In this post, we will get into why updating is more important than ever.

Every day, hackers find new ways to break into Microsoft Windows, and once they do, they exploit any vulnerabilities. This could happen through a malicious email attachment or something else that spreads without your participation.

Explaining Updating

When Microsoft discovers a potential flaw in their system, a small piece of software is distributed to all Windows computers running a supported version. If everything is set up correctly, your computer will automatically check for updates and patches and install them. With the newer versions, this will  happen when you’re shutting down or starting up. Therefore, having no impact on your experience. Unfortunately, users are still manually disabling and delaying their updates. Unknowingly creating a risky situation.

Security patches, drivers, or a simple adjustment to fix bugs on Windows are some of what these updates include.  They may even contain new features or applications to help your operating system run more smoothly. Contrary to some opinions, updating is a good thing!

Remember not all versions run the updates

Microsoft has to continue putting their focus on newer updates. The older operating systems are no longer being supported. They are no longer issuing newer updates to these older systems. With pretty much no exceptions.

Once cyber criminals find out the operating system no longer receives support, it’s open season to exploit it. Windows XP support saw an end in 2014 and the moment it did, back actors took full advantage of the flawed operating system.

It’s not just Microsoft that’s abandoning these older versions. Third-party software, like the Google Chrome browser, will continue to function, but they will no longer provide critical updates and patches for older versions. You may believe that because your  anti-virus isn’t ringing the alarm, that everything is fine, but it’s simply a case of risk and more risk.

What to do if you’re running an older version

We get it. You’re comfortable with the older version. You know where everything is and what to expect. However, it’s important to know that while running an older version, you are exposing your system each time you boot up. It only takes one area of vulnerability for malware to enter and attack all connected devices. This will impact you photo storage, media center and even smart appliances. The reality is, the risk is not worth it.

If you are running on Windows XP or Vista… or older, you need to make updating a priority. Modern operating systems are a necessity in these times.

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