Finding the Best Place for your Desktop PC

There is a great deal of discussion about the best locations to use your laptop. We’ll summarize that discussion briefly below, but the article’s real focus is on the best location for your desktop PC.

To begin, why is this even relevant? Of course, you care about the aesthetics of your workstation, but airflow is also critical. Computers are cooled by fans that draw in cool air and exhaust hot air through the back or top. If you do not allow the computer to “breathe,” it will overheat.


When a computer overheats, it becomes unstable or shuts down unexpectedly. Additionally, the hot air can cause damage to internal components. This is true for laptops as well as desktop computers.


That is why it is recommended that you place your laptop on a raised, slatted service that allows air to reach the vents. A table placed directly above a furnace duct or in direct sunlight should also be avoided.


Okay, But Where Do I Store My Computer?

You don’t want to put your computer in a dusty location, which is a good reason to avoid putting it on the floor. This exposes it to more dust, hair, and other debris. Due to the fact that the computer’s fans are sucking in cool air, they can also sucking in debris.


Additionally, standing on the floor puts you at risk of accidentally hitting or kicking the PC. Unexpected jolts are detrimental to mechanical hard drives. Additionally, USB drives or anything else plugged into the front may be knocked out, resulting in port damage.


Certain desks include cabinets beneath the desk for storing the computer. However, these may have been designed with insufficient airflow.


To avoid any bumps or drops, it’s best to place your computer on a stable surface. Additionally, you want to position it so that the cord does not create a trip hazard. If you fall, you risk damaging the power connection or, in the worst-case scenario, knocking the computer off its table or desk.


Because airflow is critical, you also don’t want to position the PC too close to the wall. This can cause damage to the cables in the back if they bend excessively. Or, if the hot air exits through the back, it will be more difficult to exhaust the heated air.


Protecting Your Desktop Computer

Placing your PC parallel to the monitor, safely stable on your desk or table, with adequate airflow and space for the cords, is the safest and most reliable configuration for your desktop computer’s safety and longevity.


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