Signs Your Computer Needs a Repair

When your computer is already broken, it’s quite obvious, but how can you know when it’s likely to break? Before your computer fails and shuts off for good, you’ll usually get several signs that something is wrong. Here are the most common signs your computer needs repair.

1. Your Computer is Running Slowly

The majority of people assume their computer is running slowly purely because of age, but there may be a number of other factors at play. A significant slowdown may be brought on by a virus, a problematic program, overheating, or even a failing hard drive. The issue may only become noticeable when you’re starting up a program, or it may have become so bad that even moving your mouse is painful. Sometimes the slower speed is only a result of some newer software that your device is unable to handle.

2. Your Computer is Overheating

Running hot is a classic laptop sign that both indicates and causes to damage. Fans help computers circulate heated air to cool down its interior components. In order to generate a powerful cooling system, fresh air is pulled in through vents at the same time. Unfortunately, dust and pet fur can easily clog up every vent in a computer, thereby restricting airflow and causing components to overheat. Although desktop computers have more room inside for air circulation, you should still keep the vents clean. If your computer frequently shuts down (safety cutout), the fan is working really hard, or your laptop is too hot to use on your lap, your computer is probably overheating.

3. The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

This is a typical Windows problem that literally hides your view with a blue screen. Your system is still operating, but something has certainly gone wrong.  You’ll see some text and an error code, and Windows will often advise a restart. If restarting your computer resolves your issue, it’s possible that something simply malfunctioned at bootup and caused your machine to crash. It happens, though it’s uncommon. However, if you regularly have blue screens, there may be a hardware or software issue that has to be fixed. It’s advisable to take action as soon as you realize something is wrong with your computer because blue screen issues will continue to occur more and more.

4. It’s Making Weird Noises

Your computer has numerous moving parts inside. By now, you should be familiar with the sounds it typically makes. This can include the startup beep and spinning fan. Things start to get interesting when your computer generates noise beyond that. Hard drives can start to click as they age, fans can screech and grind, and worst case scenario, you’ll hear a zapping sound. All of these noises are a bad sign. You computers components are meant to function as a whole, so if you hear a weird noise, keep in mind it can effect your whole computer. Don’t ignore these sounds, one issue can easily develop into several.

5. Constant Crashing and Freezing

Your computer is in not doing well if it randomly crashes, restarts without you, or freezes entirely. Even though it can be annoying, your computer isn’t trying drive you crazy, it just calling out for help. Freezing and crashes are the result of something being really really wrong. You’ll probably be seeing other symptoms on this list. It doesn’t matter what the issue it, hardware or software or both, it’s always fixable. This is simply your computer’s last effort to tell you it needs to be fixed. Pleading for your attention for a little TLC.

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