The Ultimate Way to Buy a New Computer

The Most Effective Way to Buy New Computers

You’ve made the decision to purchase a new computer for your company, or even a full set of Computers. It’s hard to contain your excitement a s you consider those sleek new machines and how much faster your employees will be able to complete their work. There’s only one thing left to do: decide which ones to use. This is when things become a little more complicated. Most individuals go to their local retail store to look at the display models. Only to be taken aback when the salesman starts flinging around terms like CPU and RAM. Unfortunately, in almost every case, your company will end up getting the wrong computer. Here’s why that is, and more so, the ultimate way to buy a new computer.

Most retail salespeople do not receive sufficient training:

Salespeople, unsurprisingly, are taught to sell! They might show interest in computers and are excellent at reading the text on the box to you, but that’s about the extent of their knowledge. Their purpose is to close the sale, get the commission, and return home satisfied. Your goal is to get the computer your company requires. Making sure it’s the perfect fit for your needs isn’t high on their priority list. They aren’t equipped to fully comprehend how your company operates, nor do they have the time to do so. You’re also more likely to be upsold unnecessary goods that quickly empty your funds. Which may not make this the ultimate way to buy a new computer.

Compatibility issues can arise:

While you may already be aware that having both Mac and PC might cause compatibility issues, did you know that switching brands within your PC network can also cause problems? Your business network has so many moving parts, from printers to routers, laptops to mobile payment processors. Adding a new computer to the mix could result in compatibility issues. Salespeople may make recommendations based on assumptions and educated guesswork even if they have no knowledge of your current setup at home or at work. Even the quantity and types of ports available on retail PCs might be problematic when you get to setting up.

The last thing you want is to end up with a mess of unstable adaptor plugs while trying to course-correct and redo it. When your staff has to travel off-course and find workarounds, efficiency effectively suffers. It’s wise to avoid the drama and get the proper computer the first time.

Support could be difficult to come by:

To guarantee that all pieces are uniform, your IT provider will frequently work with a handful of vendors. That way, we know which parts will function together, and we can typically get replacements fast if something goes wrong. We often have special ties with parts vendors. This allowing us to receive special pricing, extra support, and upgrades that a salesman cannot. With your consultant, your IT budget goes further, and not just on the day of purchase.

When you buy PCs through your IT provider, you know you’re getting the exact computer your company needs. We know everything there is to know about your company, including your long and short-term objectives. We’ll do our homework before providing a recommendation from the first time you deal with us. Remember that you want your PCs to survive 3-4 years of heavy use, so purchasing business-grade computers is a great choice. While retail computers are also dazzling, they are rarely as long-lasting as the ones your expert can provide.

Your IT supplier will also be able to set up the new computers. Therefore, making them ready to use with the applications you require. We’ll remove all of the bloatware (unnecessary apps and trials that come pre-installed) and set up your new devices to perform flawlessly right out of the box. Your staff will be able to take full advantage of the boost in productivity you paid for by using their new systems. That implies the internet is up and running, the internal network has connection, programs are getting along, and yes, printing is happening! It really is the ultimate way to buy a new computer.

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