Good Battery Habits Everyone Should Have

We rarely talk about batteries – until we notice they’re draining. At which point, we ask desperately for a charger in the hopes of getting enough juice to get through the day. The reality is, they’re an engineering marvel that goes unnoticed when they’re full and become a curse when they’re empty. If you feel like as time goes on, your battery starts to drain faster, it probably is.  But it’s not because of ‘battery memory’ or the necessity to cycle them (that’s a different sort of battery called NiMh), it’s because current LITHIUM-ION batteries in phones and laptops just wear out over time. Fortunately, increasing the life of your battery is simpler than you might think! Which of the good battery practices do you follow?

1. Charge whenever possible:

Lithium-ion batteries don’t respond well to being fully charges and then completely drained. It’s no surprise that it sounds exhausting. They’ll be happy if you give them a little charge now and then.

2. Keep your laptop plugged in at all times:

You can’t overcharge the battery; it’ll just sit there unused. When the battery registers as fully charged, the laptop assists by cutting the flow of power.

3. Look out for overheating:

Overheating has been proven to significantly lessen battery life. Check that your vents are clear and that there is adequate airflow. Keeping your laptop elevated helps with ventilation. Try using a cooling stand as an easy way to control your laptops temperature.

4. Leave your phone charging all night:

Your phone’s charger, like your laptop, understands when the battery is full. However, because those chargers generate heat, make sure there is enough ventilation around both the charger and the phone, and never sleep with it under your pillow.

5. Charge backup batteries before storing them:

If you’re fortunate enough to have backup batteries, make sure to charge them halfway before storing them. They’ll discharge and age naturally over time, so this offers them a fighting chance of still being useful when you need them.

6. Keep your cool:

We all know not to submerge our phones in water, but we’re less cautious about exposing them to heat. This can involve keeping it in your car all day, putting it on top of your computer, or even placing it near a window in the sun. Wireless and quick chargers can also be problematic because the amount of heat they produce can deplete your battery.


What do you think? Is it easier than you thought to keep your lithium-ion battery happy? Your battery will eventually wear out, but if you remember to keep it charged and cool, you can postpone that day for a few years.


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