Kobe hard at work!

Sup Readers!  As you know, the Garage is a very dog friendly spot.  We’ve got two of our own here – Reese and Kobe – any they love to meet new doggy visitors.
When we’re not busy doing computer repair, data recovery, or doing on-site IT for businesses and individuals, well, we’re probably playing with the dogs.  We’ve even managed to teach them a couple tricks in the process.
They also love to show off.  Oh yeah – they’ve got tricks and will use them any time treats become a part of the equation.  So naturally I recorded Kobe doing his signature move – “The Kobe Dance.” and without further adieu, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Kobe:

Bring him a treat and he may just do it for you too!
Next time I’ll post a video of Reese do her thing.  You’ll love it

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